Tourist Places in Vizag | Best Travel Agency in Visakhapatnam

Tourist Places in Vizag | Best Travel Agency in Visakhapatnam

Discover Best Travel Experiences Around The City!

Vizag Is World Known City for Tourist. It Is One of the best tourist Places in India. Hundreds and Thousands of people Visit the place every month.

1. Borra Caves

With stalactite and stalagmite formations and natural enigma overflowing, Borra Caves are located 1400 meter above sea level in the Anantagiri area of Visakhapatnam.

2. Submarine Museum

Driving your stroll on the RK Beach, or as you drive past the beach road, you might notice a rather elaborate collection of Submarines. Step down and stop to witness the only submarine Museum in the entire Asia.

3. Kailasagiri

Located in the scenic locales of Vizag, Kailasagiri is a beautiful hilltop park perched at a height of 360 ft. Sprawling over 100 acres of lush green land area, the park is perched on a hilltop and it offers scenic panoramic vistas of the surroundings and the beach below. The highlight of the place are the magnificent 40 feet statues of Lord Shiva and Parvati painted in white.

4. Rushikonda Beach

The Rushikonda Beach is a stunning shore located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Visakhapatnam, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. APTDC, Which is in charge of this natural beauty, has done a great join in the upkeep of the beach and ensured that this natural attraction remains unspoilt. The Rushikonda Beach is thus rightly named as the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’, owing to its essential and intact beauty. The serene golden sands of the beach are located in the bosom of the Rushikonda Hill.

5. Yarada Beach

Situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and located close to Dolphin’s nose, the Yarada beach is a quiet beach to chill by the waves, sip that tender coconut water and occasionally play in the water.

6. Ramakrishna Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Visakhapatnam, RK beach is a beach for to spend some relaxed time, enjoy strolls across the beach, sunbath and more.

7. Dolphin’s Nose

Very similar to a dolphin’s nose, this 174 m high rocky headland is situated in the south of Vizag. The nose seems to be protruding out towards the Bay of Bengal giving it a rather fascinating look.

8.Katiki Waterfalls

A distance of 100 steps and a trek of 2 km will take you to a place where a most enchanting sight of Katiki Waterfalls awaits for the tourists.

9. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

It is Located amidst the Kambalakonda Reserve Forest in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Declared open to the public on 19 May 1977, the park now offers a number of exhibits of more than 80 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. The Zoo Park has differentiated the sections for primates, carnivores, lesser carnivores, small mammals, reptiles, ungulates and birds, all caged in their natural ambiance. Situated amidst the scenic Eastern Ghats of India, the park is quite a picturesque one.

10. Lambasingi

Fondly called the ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’, Lambasingi is a quaint hamlet nestled in Chintapalli Mandal in the richly forested Araku Valley at an elevation of 1025 m above the sea level. On of the best kept secrets of Andhra Pradesh, the dainty Village is known for its majestic hills, apple orchards and panoramic views of the adjoining valleys. Also known as Korra Bayalu, the village is the only place in all of South India that experiences snowfall as the temperature drop significantly. Besides abundant natural beauty and the gorgeous views if the towering hills and meandering rivers, the village also offers a plethora of adventure activities that you can try your hand at. So if you are looking for chilling temperature, pale mists, colourful gardens and prolific natural beauty.