Hidden Tourist Places in Vizag

Visakhapatnam is one of the best coastal destinations that is full of beaches and some hidden treasures of waterfalls around it. It is also known as the City of Destiny and the land of beaches. Visakhapatnam has a lot to offer when it comes to food and site seeing. There are many famous places in Vizag. Most people who visit Visakhapatnam, stick to the touristy places but there is more to it. The hidden beauty of Visakhapatnam is in those places which are not developed much, but that’s what makes it special. These untouched gems are worth a visit.

There are some places in Vizag that have recently gained popularity, and there are still some which are unexplored by the public. It doesn’t matter if it is hidden or explored; every place on this list has something for all of you. If you are someone who loves a cold climate or someone who loves greenery, there is something that all of you can enjoy and cherish. Take out some time from your busy schedules and reach out to any of these places with your family and spend some quality time with them.

So here are the top 10 best places in Vizag, the hidden gems or some offbeat locations you never know existed!

Konam Dam or Reservoir Located around 59 km from Visakhapatnam, Konam is a small village which is famous for the Konam Dam. The scenic view of the dam with some fantastic mountain surrounding the Koman lake is genuinely dazzling. Unlike the touristy destinations, this place is not very well-known among many tourists, so you might not find a crowd here. This is one of the best places to visit in Vizag. You can enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Raiwada dam or reservoir as it is known is one of the significant sources of water for the Visakhapatnam city, located 58 km away from the central city this reservoir was constructed across River Sarada near Devarapally village. This place is famous for its breathtaking scenic views in winters, cloudy days considered one of the best places for Vizag sightseeing. Surrounded by green trees and some of the most beautiful vistas, you can plan your trip here with your buddies, family or just with your romantic partner. The calm and serene dam is a perfect frame setting to get you Instagram worthy pictures. You can have an ample of peaceful time to spend with your loved ones.

Tatipudi reservoir is a dam that is located on the river Gosthani, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the primary sources of water supply to the central city of Visakhapatnam. This reservoir is ancient and was built to irrigate the lands of a total ayacut of 15,378 acres. This is a part of the Vizianagaram district and helps in providing water supply to various significant towns that include Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and some others. The storage capacity of this reservoir is high.

The Tatipudi reservoir is also one of the great picnic spots in Vizag to spend time with your buddies and families. If you want to go somewhere not so crowded yet a beautiful place with views, then this one has to be on your list. So next time when you think about visiting an offbeat destination, consider this place and trust us, you will thank us later.

    Kambalakonda is a well-known wildlife sanctuary located in Visakhapatnam. It is a dense forest reserve full of lush green trees and wild creatures. It offers many adventure programs starting with trekking, zip-lining, and so much more. The Kambala Konda is an eco-tourism park which is located in an area of around 71 sq km. You can enjoy some of the adventures with your friends. This is one of the most famous places in Vizag and if you are planning to visit Kambala Konda wildlife sanctuary, then make sure you try the forest trekking program. Digital Marketing

Kambala Konda is full of wide varieties of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. This place is a perfect example of natural harmony between the seasonal forest and the wild creatures. This place houses many rare species of wild animals which includes many varieties of deer, jackal, wild pigs and wild dogs. If you are planning to camp here, there might be a possibility of you witnessing one of these animals. This is a great place to enjoy with friends, and there are a lot of things you can do here.

    The Thanthadi beach is one of the famous beaches in Visakhapatnam; it is famously known as NTPC among the people there. In order to produce electricity to the neighbouring villages, cities and states a thermal power plant was set up and constructed at the beach itself, thus giving it a name NTPC Pump Beach. This place is among the popular offbeat locations in Visakhapatnam, because of its breathtaking scenic views and its beauty. It is amongst the best Vizag sightseeing places. Though this place is famous for its landscapes, this is also considered as one of the most dangerous beaches in the country. Swimming and playing near the shore are strictly prohibited as there have been many cases of drowning because of the high tidal waves. Like kondakarla this place is not a white sand beach instead of the sand here is black in colour, the beach is spread over a large area, and people often go there to take pictures. You can definitely get some Instagram worthy photos while the waves touch your feet. Though a lot of movies and serials have been shot here, visitors are still not allowed over the bridge. However, you can go to the beach and take some pictures with your family and friends. Late afternoons and early evenings are called the best time to visit this beach. It might be a little difficult for a solo traveller, so it is highly advised to travel in groups. Make sure you carry your own food as there are no restaurants available near the location.
    The kurukutti Saloor waterfall is another hidden gem near Visakhapatnam, kurukutti is a village in Salur Mandal that comes under the Vizianagaram district. It is located around 70kms from the district headquarters. It is another picnic spot or you can say a place to visit with friends and family. The easiest way to reach this place is by road, Salur is the nearest town to kurukutti, that is around 25kms. So you can take the APSRTC bus or ca also hire a cab. While driving, you can see greenery surrounded throughout the way. This place is not so famous, but it is still a bit crowded during peak seasons. You can visit this waterfall and spend some time with your friends as well as family. If you are planning for a trip to this place, then make sure you are carrying food with you as there are no such facilities in the village. If you are starting your journey from Visakhapatnam, then begin early in the morning to reach before noon.
    Sariya waterfall is among one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Visakhapatnam, two hours from the central city. This waterfall is a fantastic place to be with your loved ones. The lush greenery throughout the way and a multiple numbers of lakes crossing over this place is definitely a visual treat if you are travelling by road. This picnic spot in vizag is not so famous among the tourist, but the locals definitely know its worth. The waterfall is calm throughout the year other than monsoon; it is said to have strong currents in the storm; otherwise, you can always enjoy the waterfall with your buddies. But before that, make sure you are cautious near the waterbody.
    If you are bored with crowded beaches and landscapes but still want to go to a water destination, then this place is a treat to the eyes. This is one of the best waterfalls on your Vizag tour, situated around 20kms from Lambasingi this place is a must for people who are planning their trip to the famous hill station Lambasingi. This waterfall is a great place to visit with friends and family, but don’t worry if you are a solo traveller this place has something for you too. This place is comparatively unexplored, and you can experience a good stream of water that flows along with the falls. The kothapally waterfalls is definitely one of the best places in Vizag and a must-visit waterfalls. Other than the waterfall, there are other things to explore. You can take some time and visit the strawberry farms, the process of growing strawberries here are very organic, and the vendors give you a special discount if you buy in bulk. The coffee gardens are also quite famous at kothapally, you cannot resist the smell of excellent coffee, and this place offers a wide range of coffee samples. If you are planning to extend your trip for a day, then make sure you take a small stroll to the Madugula. It is exceptionally famous for its traditional halwa.
    Kondakarla Ava is another not so famous destination but is surely a very pleasant Vizag tourist spot. This place is a lake with birds all around and also known as a bird sanctuary. The kondakarla ava beach is full of white sand. This is a favorite spot for not only the localities but also for the tourists who have visited this place. A day at the beach is something that most of us crave. But when it comes to Kondakarla, it’s more than just a lake. This place is full of beautiful scenic views and chirping birds. It is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the state. This place is enveloped in green coconut trees with beautiful green mountains surrounding the lake on two sides. If you are planning to spend the day with your loved ones in a quiet, peaceful place, then this one place is the perfect location. You can spend some quality time with your friends, family and your loved ones. There is a beautifully constructed lord Venkateswara temple at the top of the hill, and you can take the pleasure of acknowledging the beauty of this place, the view of the lake and the surrounding forest from the hilltop is picturesque. The lake and the bird sanctuary is a recognized eco-tourism destination, and if you are planning on extending your trip to Visakhapatnam, then this place has to be on your list.
    Lambasingi which is now a popular weekend destination for many Vizagites. It is one of the best tourism places in Vizag, located around 116kms from Visakhapatnam is now widely known as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. This place was also considered as a hidden gem but came to the limelight a few years back when it experienced snowfall in the past. This place is a real paradise in winters, the temperature goes down to -2 degree Celsius, and the average temperature remains between 10 to 17 degree Celsius throughout the year. If you are someone who loves winter and cold places, then this hill station is definitely for yo
    1. This place is a living paradise of fruits; there is a strawberry farm where you can go and pick your favourite haul of strawberry at a very reasonable price. This place has something for all of you if you are a nature lover or someone fond of fruits; this place is a Jannat for you. You can camp at night with your buddies. This place has numerous viewpoints which will leave you stunned with the scenic landscapes. This winter wonderland is a virgin hill station with its views and leaves you awestruck. When you are visiting Lambasingi make sure you do your preparations because there might be chances of snowfall and you don’t want to miss out taking pictures.

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